All you need to do is contact Tim Freeman at or 609-309-5676 and say you’d like to start a RettGive campaign. He’ll take you through the steps below and you’ll have your campaign up and running in no time.

STEP 1: Create a title for your campaign.

This can be “A Cure for [your child]” or anything you like.

STEP 2: Write a short paragraph or two.

Write a short paragraph or two explaining why you are doing the campaign and a little about your loved one — what is she or he like, what makes her smile or laugh? You could write about what it was like getting the diagnosis. Keep it short. You don’t need to explain much about Rett syndrome because that’s already part of the RettGive site. You can write this in any language or in more than one language. Use the language that your network will respond best to. Don’t worry about making it perfect. You’ll be able to see it before it goes “live,” and changes can be made any time.

STEP 3: Provide four photos.

These can be a mix of photos of your loved one alone and with family. Photos from a smartphone are fine. Horizontal photos work better than vertical. 

STEP 4: Provide a fundraising goal.

Most campaigns have goals in the range of $5,000 to $25,000, some are higher. Give some thought to your network that this will go to. Set an ambitious but potentially achievable goal. You can always increase the goal if you get close to it, which can inspire more contributions. It’s also totally fine if you don’t reach your goal; it just helps motivate supporters. If you want help coming up with your goal, don’t hesitate to contact Tim at

STEP 5: Identify your giving levels.

Identify your giving levels and name them. People tend to use their child’s name in their giving levels. Naming the levels and personalizing them help motivate your supporters. Here are some examples:

  • $1,000 ____’s Hero
  • $500 ____’s Star
  • $250 ____’s Champion
  • $100 ____’s Supporter
  • $50 ____’s Advocate
  • Any amount you choose

You can have up to six giving levels. You can be creative and make up your own levels and names, or you can use the examples. Because there will be an option for “Any amount you choose,” people won’t be constrained at the low or high end of the levels. They can give any amount they want.

STEP 6: Send us your information.

Put together these materials and email them to Tim Freeman at or 609-309-5676 and he’ll set up your campaign in a day. Then you’ll have a chance to review the campaign.

STEP 7: You’re ready to go!

Send your campaign out by email and social media, and start making a difference to the research.