Let’s make Rett history, together

You asked, we answered! Our community has been looking for an attractive, economical and easy way to help raise crucial research funds for Rett Syndrome. We’re proud to introduce RettGive, a simple and fun crowdfunding platform that turns your passion into immediate results for those who need it the most…our children.

Why Choose RettGive?

Eliminate the middle man

With our own platform, we’re able to avoid excessive third-party fees. This means more dollars going directly towards Rett research.

We made it easy

A fun and seamless experience that lets you focus on what matters most—raising money for Rett research.

the power of teamwork

You’ll receive the support of our team every step of the way. From start to finish, we’re working with you to ensure that your campaign is a success.

OUR community, our way

We’re proud of the Rett community and the research progress we’ve achieved together. With RettGive, you can help us get all the way to a cure.

Explore these Latest Campaigns

40 and Fundraising! #ReverseRettTogether

40 and Fundraising! #ReverseRettTogether

Birthdays, Standard
Join us in celebration of Nicole's 40th Birthday - this year, we want to give hope! We have come so far from when Nicole was first diagnosed in 1986. The possibility is in our sights and we want to use this time to come together and put and end to this silence effecting so many.
A Cure for Ethan

A Cure for Ethan

MECP2 Duplication
I’m doing this campaign to ask for your support. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to research on MECP2 Duplication Syndrome and could help find a cure for Ethan and others who struggle with this disorder.
2019 Run to Reverse Rett for Isla

2019 Run to Reverse Rett for Isla

Get Sporty, Standard
On August 18th I’ll Run to Reverse Rett at the Peasantman 72.3 mile steel-distance triathlon in Lake Keuka in the Finger Lakes.
2nd Annual Camilla’s RSRT Fundraiser – 2019

2nd Annual Camilla’s RSRT Fundraiser – 2019

Camilla never ceases to amaze us every day with her strength to fight this devastating illness. Please join us and be a champion for Camilla (and the other girls and women) in their fight against Rett Syndrome.


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