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In August of this year, our 2 year old beautiful daughter, Sloane, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome.  Sloane was a seemingly healthy baby but started to miss developmental milestones such as walking, climbing, and talking.  With the help of PT, Sloane was able to walk and we are extremely thankful that she has maintained this skill and sometimes even runs, although unsteadily.  She has lost the ability to use her hands to feed herself but she remains a little foodie that loves her vegetables and almost anything that is put on her plate.  Her ability to play with the toys she previously loved has diminished and social interaction with other kids has waned.  She still loves to be included and loves being surrounded by family.   Sloane hasn’t been able to speak to us or tell her sister how much she loves her.  She loves snuggling and riding in the wagon with her big sister Carter, loves following every move of her dog Murphy, loves the outdoors, and loves spinning, bouncing, swinging and sliding.  Even without speech/language, we all make sure to let her know how much she is loved.  She’ll tell you a story with her eyes and facial expressions.  Her laugh and smile will make a bad day turn good.  We continue to focus on all the amazing things Sloane CAN do and not the things Rett syndrome doesn’t allow her to do.

Our family was devastated by Sloane’s Rett Syndrome diagnosis but the amazing work of the Rett Syndrome Research Trust and all the companies and universities involved in researching/developing a cure give us hope that one day, Sloane can be given all those things that Rett has taken away.  We have often been told, “if there is anything we can do, just let us know” but we didn’t know how best to give those wanting to help, an avenue to do so.  This campaign provides that avenue.  100% of any donation made to this campaign goes to fund the research that we whole-heartedly believe will lead to a cure for Sloane and all the other amazing children and families that have been affected by Rett Syndrome.  No donation is too small.

We are unexplainably grateful for any contribution.


Sloane, Carter, Allie, and Tim Swanson

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Mid-America Orthopedics $1,000.00 November 11, 2021
Michael Ray $300.00 November 06, 2021
Jane Owens $100.00 November 02, 2021
Leesa Barton $50.00 October 27, 2021
Maggie Warner $500.00 October 26, 2021
Brent Melroy $250.00 October 25, 2021
Doug Gibb $100.00 October 23, 2021
Stephen Gibb $500.00 October 23, 2021
Virginia Swanson $1,000.00 October 22, 2021
Cheryl Swanson $100.00 October 21, 2021
Karen McAllaster $100.00 October 21, 2021
Anonymous $100.00 October 21, 2021
Timothy Freeman $100.00 October 20, 2021


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    LET’S DO THIS!!!🙏🏻💕

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