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Reverse Rett NYC 2023

A campaign by: Ashley Giannetti / $10,000 Goal
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I began fundraising for The Rett Syndrome Research Trust (RSRT) over ten years ago because I wanted to support my cousin Lauren and the other 350,000 girls like her who experience life through the limiting bars of this inhibiting disease. RSRT is fighting to reverse the effects of Lauren’s condition, so she and girls with Rett syndrome all over the world can achieve the autonomy of living Rett syndrome free. Rett syndrome has limited Lauren in many ways, taking her ability to walk, talk, and eat without assistance since her diagnosis at three years old. Even with her limited means of communication, Lauren always expresses love. I have admired and looked up to Lauren for my whole life. I am so grateful to have her as my cousin, and I cannot imagine my family without her in it.  Lauren is turning 27 this December!  Lauren was a beautiful bridesmaid in her brother Robert’s wedding this past July. We all had a wonderful time with her at the wedding. When Lauren smiles, everyone around her smiles. Though she can’t speak, her eyes glisten, communicating her kind heart. Lauren has always had a way of bringing family together with grace and joy. Her presence is felt in everyone she meets, and she radiates with captivating charm.


RSRT’s goal is a cure for Rett, and remarkable progress towards that is being made.  Just in the last six months, two clinical trials in gene therapy have launched.  Gene therapy targets the disorder at its genetic core and could profoundly reverse Rett’s devastating symptoms. One of the trials has been the first in history to dose a Rett patient with gene therapy and preliminary observations are showing impressive efficacy. 


This year is the 14th Reverse Rett NYC benefit, to be held on November 13 at Chelsea Piers in NY.  We hope you will consider a donation.  Your support is more important than ever to enable RSRT to continue the momentum and change our cousin Lauren’s life and the many other girls suffering with this disorder.


We thank you so very much for your donation of any amount.

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Keith Cunningham $50 November 16, 2023
Kristine Wagner $100 November 08, 2023
Cynthia Mancini $250 November 05, 2023
Tara Ryan $100 November 05, 2023
Matthew Rose $20 November 03, 2023
Katia Barker $50 November 02, 2023
Julie Traina $100 November 02, 2023
Anonymous $50 November 02, 2023
Anonymous $50 November 02, 2023
Anonymous $10 November 02, 2023
Ashley Giannetti $100 November 02, 2023
Robert Dore $100 November 02, 2023
Jennifer Amatulle $100 November 02, 2023
Laura McLinskey $100 November 01, 2023
Marianne Wunsch $50 November 01, 2023
Tina Carlos $50 November 01, 2023