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Our Promise to Lily 2022

A campaign by: Juliann & Andrew Edwards / $75,000 Goal
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On February 13th 2017 our family was introduced to the devastating disorder, Rett Syndrome. We often struggle remembering the rollercoaster of emotions we felt that specific day, which may seem odd to most. After all it was a day our family was informed that our daughter will never speak, will slowly deteriorate in eating and all gross motor skills and that she will most likely have an abridged life. What we do remember, like it was yesterday, was how we responded to this news…Diving head first into a fight for a cure!

There are endless options we have as parents when news like this is given to us, especially about our children. Our response, our attitude and our ultimate promise is that… We will Never stop fighting, Never Stop raising awareness and funds. Never stop giving Lily the best quality of life we can give. To those new to the “Rett Community” you are not alone. Our promise is to you as well. We look forward to celebrating with you on that special day where our promise is fulfilled and Rett is eradicated.

Juliann & Andrew Edwards

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