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As she approached her first birthday, Minna seemed like a happy, healthy baby girl, her red hair and sweet smile charming everyone she met —that hasn’t changed. However, at 15 months of age we noticed delays in her development and set out to identify and confront the underlying cause of her challenges. On July 30th 2019 the doctors introduced us to Rett Syndrome and our hearts were shattered. We learned that our perfect little girl was going to face hardships that no child should ever have to face.

For the past two years Minna has been on a mission to combat her symptoms and build her skills to prepare for a cure. At 3 years old she is slowly learning to walk and communicate with us through eye gaze. She battles epileptic activity in her brain, severe reflux, GI issues, anxiety, motor skill deficiencies and irregular breathing patterns. Regardless of the level of difficulty or pain, she does everything with a smile. The one thing that Rett has not taken is her sweet, sincere, loving personality.

Our family’s mission since her diagnosis is to find a cure. The rate at which the research is advancing is what keeps us hopeful each day. We have committed our lives to funding research in any capacity to save the life of our daughter and, hopefully, children with many other genetic disorders.

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Caroline & Chris Van Arsdale $10,000.00 June 23, 2021