McDoubles Tennis Tournament for the Cure

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Thank you for joining us over the past month, playing in our Mixed Doubles tennis tournament in support of the Rett Syndrome Research Trust. We feel so fortunate to have been brought together by athletics and to have built such a strong community of aligned friends at Hollyburn, passionate about sports and contributing to our community. As part of this “club for life” we’ll have the opportunity to bond over the decades while supporting one another through the obstacles that may come in our path.

Your participation and support of our charity tournament is twofold; first, awareness for Rett Syndrome, a rare genetic neurological disorder that has affected the path of one of the club’s youngest members. At just over 22 months, little Evie Lotz doesn’t know what the future may hold, and her family is truly learning how to appreciate every beautiful moment with her. Second, raising funds for the Rett Syndrome Research Trust. They are dedicated to finding genetic treatments for Rett Syndrome using clinical trials which target the disorder at its genetic core. The Trust believes palliative treatment is not enough, that a true cure lies in reversing the genetic error in the body. Due to private financial donations and the incredible scientific efforts of the trust, families are getting closer and closer to a cure every day! 94% of every dollar contributed to the trust is invested in research.

We are so thankful for the fun, competition, challenge and friendships we’ve made through tennis, and most importantly the fact we get to experience sport and movement – because our bodies work the way we want them to.

Please join us in giving these girls the chance to one day do the same, and break free from a body trapped by Rett Syndrome.

Many thanks,

Leah and Cam McLeod

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Casey Pollard $100.00 July 02, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 July 02, 2022
Sara Navabi $100.00 June 30, 2022
Samantha Gutmanis $100.00 June 30, 2022
Rose Bender $100.00 June 29, 2022
Alex Hamilton $250.00 June 29, 2022
Matt Saunders $100.00 June 27, 2022
Jen Venier $250.00 June 24, 2022
Tanya Clark $150.00 June 24, 2022
Laura Zaplatynsky Bell $150.00 June 24, 2022
Sarah McPhee $100.00 June 23, 2022
Kelsey Letham $100.00 June 23, 2022
Alexa Ulinder $150.00 June 23, 2022
Yasmin Alibhai $150.00 June 23, 2022
Colleen O’Neill $100.00 June 22, 2022
Carly & Sean Monahan $150.00 June 22, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 June 22, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 June 22, 2022
Stephanie Miller $100.00 June 22, 2022
Mariam Pirbhai $100.00 June 22, 2022
DJ Denner $500.00 June 21, 2022
Norrie Zaplatynsky $100.00 June 21, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 June 21, 2022
Burke Telfer $250.00 June 21, 2022
Erin Baldwin $250.00 June 21, 2022
Cameron McLeod $250.00 June 21, 2022
Tiffany Wilson $250.00 June 21, 2022
shannon oneill $250.00 June 21, 2022
Amanda Wood-Cook $250.00 June 21, 2022


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