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Maya’s 3rd Birthday Wish

A campaign by: Alex Thayer & Balint Seeber / $20,000 Goal
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At 22 months, our dear Maya was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a rare, progressive neurological disorder that largely affects girls (and even more rarely, boys). Living with Rett is like having symptoms of cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s. For many girls, breathing, eating, and sleeping can become difficult, while walking, talking, and purposeful use of their hands may be impossible. Many Rett families live by the motto of “taking day by day”, as you never know what the day – or hour – will bring.

We have had a challenging year, complete with multiple hospital and emergency room visits, the intense onset of seizures (and trialing different anticonvulsants), working with Maya’s anxiety and sensory needs, feeding complications, breathing abnormalities, and the complexities of the Pandemic world. That being said, we are extremely hopeful in the Rett Syndrome research being done. It continues to drive us and think of Maya’s future in a brighter aspect. Rett Syndrome has been shown in a laboratory model to be reversible. Already there are clinical trials for gene therapy happening for girls age 18+ at the end of 2021. We follow the research closely and are impressed by the dedication and urgency to eradicate Rett. These advancements in research continue because of the generous donations made by yourself and others. In honor of Maya’s third birthday (October 8th), and Rett Syndrome Awareness Month (October), please consider contributing to a cure for Maya and her 350,000 Rett sisters/brothers.

In gratitude,
Alex, Balint, and Maya

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Satish Deo $150 February 07, 2022
Saurabh Deo $250 February 07, 2022
Jeffrey Belgum $500 November 10, 2021
Maureen and McElhinney $250 November 09, 2021
David Goldberg $100 October 27, 2021
Margaret O'Grady $50 October 25, 2021
Kathryn Gannon-janelle $50 October 25, 2021
Anonymous $1,000 October 25, 2021
Sam McElhinney $250 October 25, 2021
Belle M. $25 October 24, 2021
Matthew Knight $250 October 24, 2021
Julia McElhinney $250 October 24, 2021
John Fenwick $250 October 12, 2021
Anonymous $500 October 08, 2021
Nathan Hickson $1,000 October 08, 2021