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Help Us Cure Lara

A campaign by: Adele Smolansky / $20,000 Goal
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Join us to help us cure Lara!

Lara is the sweetest, cutest and nicest 13 year old girl you could find. She is my daily inspiration and my favorite sister. Lara has Rett Syndrome.

As Lara’s older sister, I dream everyday about being able to run around the park with Lara, have long conversations about her friends, or teach her how to code.

Lara goes to the Henry Viscardi school in Long Island and despite her disability, she tries to learn very hard. As a computer science major at Cornell University, I help where I can. I created a company to help Lara and other kids with disabilities learn math and logic. Even though Lara cannot talk or walk, Lara can solve math problems and she loves the games on! We all love Lara and try to make sure she is as healthy and happy as she can be.

Today, we are asking for your help to fund a cure for Lara. As Lara gets older her physical condition is becoming more dire. Every dollar you donate will be used for finding a cure for Lara and many other girls with Rett. Every dollar counts!

Adele Smolansky

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Name Donation Amount Date
Yitzy Rosenberg $50.00 July 06, 2022
Steve Louis $2,000.00 July 04, 2022
Matthew Gin $50.00 July 01, 2022
Anonymous $500.00 June 28, 2022
Owen Louis $200.00 June 28, 2022
Anonymous $50.00 June 24, 2022
Jack McElaney $100.00 June 23, 2022
Lena Goretsky $50.00 June 22, 2022
Joseph Sullivan $100.00 June 22, 2022
Stella Verbitsky $1,000.00 June 22, 2022
Anonymous $1,000.00 June 20, 2022