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Grace Wins

A campaign by: Elsie Alvarado / $2,000 Goal
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Grace Victoria Alvarado is our Rett Princess. Grace turned 5 September 1st and is one of four children. Grace has two older brothers; Jeremiah who is 9 and Noah who is 7 as well as a little sister, Emma who just turned 3. Being part of a big family gets busy. All of the children are growing and developing hobbies and activities that they enjoy keeping mom and dad busy throughout the week and on weekends. Grace is a sweet girl! She may be non-verbal; however she very much expresses her likes and dislikes. For the most part, you can find Grace smiling and giggling and going with the flow of our busy life together. Grace’s smile and giggle are truly contagious and she is loved by everyone who comes in contact with her. However, when Grace is upset, she lets us know by crying or whimpering. That is usually brought on when she’s tired, hungry or in pain.  Grace loves the color yellow (which she has actually said before), swimming, and camping when the weather is beautiful.

Grace started kindergarten on her 5th birthday this year. She left her preschool teachers and some peers behind to start at her district elementary school where her brothers attend. Grace is loved by her teacher, 1:1 para, staff and peers. She enjoys music, dancing, painting and having fun with her peers. She is learning so much from her peers and they are also learning from her.  Grace was just connected with the Post University Girls Soccer team where she will develop a relationship with coaches and players. We are also looking forward to exploring a dance class and hippotherapy in the near future.

Research on Rett syndrome is making remarkable strides, and with continued progress and funding, a cure is possible for Grace and 350,000 others with Rett.  Every dollar raised here goes to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust, a non-profit organization with a goal to develop a cure for Rett.

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