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This August, at 4-and-a-half years old, we found out that Erykah has Rett syndrome. Erykah was born on New Year’s Day in 2017. From the moment they gave us her due date, we knew she was going to be one of a kind. Years before we had Erykah, we had always talked and talked about having a little girl one day and even had her name picked out. We imagined what she would be like. Most of the things we imagined turned out to be true. Erykah is so kind to every single person she meets. She is so social in her own way. She loves everyone and everyone who meets her loves her. She loves school and learning. She loves going out and about. She loves water. She loves all kids and animals. She loves dogs so much. Especially her dog Brooklyn. She loves her new baby sister Ariana. Who she named after her favorite singer Ariana Grande by pointing to my belly and saying baby Ari while I was pregnant. Another singer she loves is Erykah Badu. Whom she was named after. She loves music so much. She loves dancing. And she absolutely loves to sing. You can see how badly she wants all of the words to come out and how hard she tries. More of who Erykah is is trapped inside and waiting to come out.  


I hate how Rett syndrome prevents her from reaching her fullest potential. Although she needs our help with many things each day – I love how she shows us how capable she is and tries hard each and every day. She still continues to learn new things, she uses more words and is trying so hard to say sentences, she walks good now and even tries to run, she uses her hands and loves to play with her toys. Since she turned 2 she has had so many therapy appointments every week. She works so hard just to be a kid and to do things that come easily to other kids. Just knowing that Rett syndrome can take away everything she has learned and things she loves to do just breaks my heart. We do not want to find out when or if that will happen. So if you could help be a part of the cure by raising awareness, sharing, and/or donating we would be forever grateful. I hate to ask for favors but my daughter and her Rett sisters around the world are more important than my pride. We want Erykah and other girls with Rett syndrome to be able to live the lives that they deserve. 

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