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Daphne’s 6th Birthday!

A campaign by: Lacey and Leigh Calvert / $6,000 Goal
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Happy 6th Birthday Daphne!! A lot has happened since the last time we campaigned for her. We all took a big leap of faith and moved to Texas! We are now in the Dallas area in a high rated school district. We are closer to children’s hospitals and have created a fantastic relationship with a Neurologist/Rett Specialist as well. Even though it was hard to leave our friends and family in Washington, this move has been the best thing for Daphne. Not only are we nearby top medical care for Rett Syndrome but she started Kindergarten in a thriving school environment. She is accelerating in her eye gaze skills, and also receives therapies including: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and even Adaptive PE! Her school district has a Special Olympics program she has participated in throughout the school year as well! This is a great opportunity for kids of all abilities┬áto show off what they can do. Not only does she have a great experience in her disability classroom but she also has a typical Kindergarten teacher and classroom she is included in throughout the day. She started having seizures about a year ago and even though it can be a scary new adventure, they have thankfully been well controlled. We are so proud of how much she loves her family and school and despite her struggles,┬ákeeps rocking that smile! We recently finished our pool in the backyard for her to splash around in too which she absolutely loves.

We love this girl just the way she is although of course wish she had all of the same opportunities other kids her age have, so join us in supporting Rett Syndrome Research Trust to help find a cure! Thanks for being a big part of Daphne’s life journey!

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Margaret Wazny $35.00 October 10, 2022
Mike Lapine $50.00 September 14, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 September 12, 2022
Jeri Foster Horrocks $100.00 July 07, 2022
Hayli Silber $50.00 June 27, 2022
Joseph Cote $50.00 June 27, 2022
Riley Rosvold $25.00 June 26, 2022
Brian Hart $100.00 June 26, 2022
Czarina Yumul $100.00 June 26, 2022
Renee Hesse $100.00 June 26, 2022
Jill Oliver $100.00 June 26, 2022
Anonymous $15.00 June 25, 2022
Gemma Robinson $100.00 June 24, 2022
Travis Hunter $100.00 June 22, 2022
Jade Oliver $200.00 June 22, 2022
Alayna Salvato $100.00 June 21, 2022
Ilana Joffe $100.00 June 16, 2022
Gary Yellin $100.00 June 16, 2022
Laura & Leigh Oliver $200.00 June 15, 2022
Margaret Wazny $40.00 June 15, 2022
Jessica DeNise $100.00 June 11, 2022
Anonymous $500.00 June 11, 2022
Jodie Sharp $100.00 June 11, 2022
Solange Backes $50.00 June 10, 2022
Kevin schubel $100.00 June 10, 2022
Nathan Coigny $25.00 June 10, 2022
Courtney Tomlinson $50.00 June 07, 2022
Christine Calvert $100.00 June 06, 2022
Karen Howard $20.00 June 05, 2022
Alexis Barnes $100.00 June 05, 2022