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Rules, meanings, and words don’t mean anything to me. When they come into play, all of them just go into the abyss in my mind. I have my own limitations that normal people don’t understand. I see no right or wrong. In the world, I stand alone. I have no understanding, and I don’t know that there are others in the world like me. Every time I plead for help, I’m met with blind gazes. I try to form the words, but they don’t come out of the deep pit of quicksand in my mind. My emotions, my feelings, my thoughts, and my memories, all I want to let out, but they are barred while they wait at the gates. Each day, I fight the devil in me, as I live with my limitations, unnamed feelings.

We create digital artwork to spread awareness about Rett syndrome, and raise funds by selling art works on NFT platforms, such as opensea, and then donating it to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust. Through special digital characters like ‘Cowgirls’ we would like to create a woman perspective in the NFT platform and support the Rett initiatives as it is affecting girls.

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