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A Cure for Yuming

A campaign by: Jing Yang / $5,000 Goal
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Yuming is now a four-year-old girl and has been diagnosed with Rett syndrome. Since she was two years old, she has spent a long time in the hospital, trying to improve her mobility, hand function, cognition, and language. The progress is limited. But we never gave up until we ran out of funds to pay for it.

The common advice from others was to let her be. How could I do that? There are flowers that come up in April, but some come in Fall. There are flowers that blossom in the trees, but some among the grass. She is one of the flowers that grows in a distinct way, but just as amazing and marvelous as any others. She deserves a chance to enjoy the world.

I grew up in a poor family and in a culture that valued boys much more than girls. I survived and worked out a solution for myself. Despite her diagnosis, I will always be her advocate to improve her life and let her live it in full. A possible genetic treatment is our hope for that, and any funds contributed here support that research. I expect one day in the future, she will be able to share with me how amazing the fish swimming in the pool are and how beautiful the flowers that blossom in spring are. This research on genetic medicines has the potential to give her and other girls, even though severely disabled, a chance to truly enjoy the world, just like everyone else can.

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