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A Cure for Shanay

A campaign by: Roya Amouhadi / $25,000 Goal
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Shortly after her 3rd birthday, we realized that Shanay no longer uttered the words she could easily express a year before. She was first diagnosed with autism, but her doctor informed us that she had Rett Syndrome when the genetic test results returned.

Devastation and deep sorrow for us followed the news, yet, Shanay kept smiling, laughing, and playing around. And it was her energy that made us recuperate and start the search for possible courses of action. Hours and hours of consultation with doctors helped us gain a new perspective on how to engage and help children with Rett Syndrome.

Meanwhile, Shanay has been the happy kid she has always been. Indeed, her energy and joy of life keep us all motivated and hopeful. Motivated in making sure that she remains joyful no matter what the syndrome might cause; hopeful that the Rett Syndrome Research Trust’s incredible achievements and all the researchers involved in finding treatments or a cure for Rett Syndrome will come to fruition.

Shanay has opened our eyes to a new world with fantastic possibilities. A world in which her smiles and movements tell us volumes about its corners and wonders.

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