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A Cure for Hugo

A campaign by: Christie Rimes / $10,000 Goal
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We learned of Hugo’s diagnosis when he was 11 months old – we were devastated. We had little idea of what the future held for our little boy and our family.

Hugo is six now, and is just the sweetest boy who melts all our hearts. Hugo is a very patient and kind big brother and is in year-1 at school. He loves being around people, going for walks, cuddles and music.

We started seeing the full effects of this horrible condition earlier this year when Hugo started having seizures. Seizures, and the medication he takes, cause Hugo to be very tired and flattens his mood. It is rare now to get a cheeky smile from Hugo and he has lost the strength to pull to stand and walk with assistance.

There is a glimmer of hope, as research is currently underway to find a cure. Last time we asked for a donation it was to fund the research. Now the research is underway and we are aiming to get the medications to clinical trials. All research to date has been primarily funded through fundraising efforts from family and friends of affected children. No donation is too small, so please help us support this research effort to find a cure and help Hugo and others like him.

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Mary Cassidy $50 July 17, 2024
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Adriana Segovia $100 July 12, 2024
Fiona Rimes $100 July 11, 2024
Allissa Abrenica $100 July 11, 2024
Patricia Arenas-Hughes $100 July 11, 2024
Robyn Bruins $100 July 11, 2024
Anonymous $100 July 11, 2024