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A Cure for Colly

A campaign by: Angela & Chris Disney / $10,000 Goal
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Colly was born healthy after an uneventful pregnancy in January 2021. She was developing right on track and very similar to her three older siblings who came before her. She rolled, smiled, sat, and crawled all on time. It wasn’t until a little after her first birthday that we started questioning why she wasn’t making any efforts to pull herself up off the ground to stand. We were told by her pediatrician not to worry and everything was fine, but a few more months went on and we knew something was off. We sought early intervention for physical therapy and they mentioned she should be seen by a neurologist to make sure nothing else was going on other than low tone. In September 2022, we did genetic testing to find she was positive for one of the mutations that cause Rett Syndrome.

Our lives have been forever changed by this news. Rett is rare, but even more so, it is extremely cruel and can affect every single function our bodies + organs do for us. Colly has a warrior spirit and is such a light to our family and everyone she meets. We will continue to advocate for her and be her voice while she doesn’t have the words. We are believing that with the cure on the horizon, she has a chance at a life with more opportunities and freedoms than she would without this.

All of the money we raise here goes directly to research done through the Rett Syndrome Research Trust to close in on the cure. Thank you for your support and helping us fight for our Colly Girl!!!

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Anonymous $200 December 20, 2023
Aaron Polkoski $50 October 28, 2023
Diane Contreras $100 March 01, 2023
Heather Doherty $50 March 01, 2023
Rasheed Amoo $50 February 22, 2023
Sean Manning $500 January 18, 2023
Mark Manning $250 January 17, 2023
Ashley Gildea $50 January 09, 2023
Stacey Wilcox $250 January 06, 2023
Anonymous $100 January 05, 2023
Heather Quinn $50 January 01, 2023
Anonymous $50 January 01, 2023
Mark Goodfellow Jr $100 December 31, 2022