A Cure for Carmela 2021

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Carmela is the sweetest, most beautiful three year old girl in the whole world. She loves books, music videos, and peg puzzles. She also likes hanging out with other kids, swimming, and gazing deeply into people’s eyes.

When Carmela was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, it was heartbreaking for us as parents. But even as we cried, Carmela was smiling and playing and trying to cheer us up. We will do anything to help our little girl have the best life she can possibly have, and thanks to the work of the Rett Syndrome Research Trust we know that a cure is possible. Help us fund the research that will lead to a cure for our precious little girl and all the other girls and women around the world with Rett Syndrome.

Cari & Ben

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Rita Bostick $500.00 April 13, 2022
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David Thetford $500.00 September 20, 2021
Timothy Freeman $100.00 September 15, 2021