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“a cur” for Zoey 2022

A campaign by: Dennis & Bonnie Adair / $10,000 Goal
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Recently, at school, when Zoey was asked what her dream was, she spelled out “a cur” using her eye gaze device to select each letter.  Our 8-year-old granddaughter knows more about her condition than we realize.  She started 2nd grade this year and recently was part of a reading group that was getting to know each other by asking and answering questions about themselves.  Zoey actively participated with her eye gaze device, and this progress brought tears of joy to her teacher and aide.  Unfortunately, we also found out that Zoey will require hip surgery within the next few months and spinal fusion within the next few years, which is heartbreaking.  Rett Syndrome reminds us that life is often not fair.

Please help us achieve “a cur” for Rett syndrome with a generous donation to our 2022 campaign.  We achieved our $8000 goal last year.  This year, I am asking you to collectively match our $10,000 donation.  If you haven’t donated before, or for some time, please donate this year.  The Word document attached with my email has other information on contributing. If you prefer to send a check please make payable to RSRT and send to:  RSRT   67 Under Cliff Road   Trumbull, CT 06611

If you have any issues or need help donating, please contact us and we will help.

Rett Syndrome Research Trust (RSRT) accomplishes a lot with limited resources and achieving a cure is their only mission.  They hope to eliminate the need for RSRT to exist.  Taysha, a biotech company, is about to start a gene replacement clinical trial in Canada, all informed by RSRT-supported research.  RSRT continues to promote multiple strategies, including MECP2 Reactivation, RNA and gene editing, and several of these strategies are on track for becoming clinical trials and, ultimately, treatments or a cure.  Because of RSRT strategies, there are eight biopharmaceutical companies with genetic based treatments for Rett Syndrome in their drug development pipelines.

There is hope but we need your help to achieve “a cur”.

Dennis and Bonnie

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Bayer matching gift $500.00 March 06, 2023
Bonnie & Dennis Adair $10,000.00 February 13, 2023
John Stachowiak $750.00 January 30, 2023
David Tacka $1,500.00 December 30, 2022
Sergio Flores $100.00 December 30, 2022
Pam Kerns $75.00 December 29, 2022
James Steeley $100.00 December 15, 2022
Hershey's match - John Hnatishion $50.00 December 13, 2022
Hershey's match - Gretchen Fletcher $100.00 December 13, 2022
Matthew Lebo $500.00 December 06, 2022
John Hnatishion $50.00 December 02, 2022
Scott Buesking $100.00 November 26, 2022
Lori Hagy $100.00 November 25, 2022
Jane Deck $50.00 November 18, 2022
WESLEY PETERY $500.00 November 10, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 November 08, 2022
Bethany & Mark Novis $400.00 November 08, 2022
Hershey's match - Bryan Werner $100.00 November 08, 2022
Bryan Werner $100.00 November 08, 2022
Pamela Bucher $50.00 November 08, 2022
Anonymous $100.00 October 25, 2022
Ginny Edleman $250.00 October 24, 2022
R. Bruce Denniston $50.00 October 24, 2022
William Buckfelder $250.00 October 22, 2022
Rick & Nancy Gates $1,000.00 October 21, 2022
Jeffrey Doane $500.00 October 16, 2022
Gerald Urich $100.00 October 14, 2022
Patricia Peffley $200.00 October 13, 2022
Charles Mackey $50.00 October 12, 2022
Martha Petery $100.00 October 12, 2022
Sue & Jeff Kemmerer $150.00 October 12, 2022