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Irene ha 8 anni, fino a 12 mesi era una bimba sana come tante, vivace, allegra. Poi é arrivata la Sindrome di Rett. Ha smesso di stare in piedi, di usare le mani,di parlare e il suo respiro é cambiato.

La sindrome di Rett é una malattia diffusa in tutto il mondo.

Oggi Irene  combatte e affronta con tanto corraggio e forza questa brutta malattia, ma sopratutto con il suo sorriso che riscalda i nostri cuori. É una bambina dolcissima a cui piace tanto la musica, la compagnia dei suoi amici, le feste e le coccole.

Attraverso i suoi occhi riesce a comunicare, se sta bene o se sta male...ma le restano solo gli occhi per parlare.

Irene vuole guarire, ed é per questo che vi chiediamo di sostenere la ricerca scientifica sulla Sindrome di Rett. Aiutateci a far guarire Irene.


Irene is 8 years old. Up until she was 12 months old, she was a healthy, lively, cheerful child. Then Rett Syndrome came. She stopped standing, using her hands, talking, and started having trouble breathing.

Rett Syndrome is a randomly caused disease that can affect anyone anywhere in the world.

Today, Irene fights and deals with so much. She has great strength in facing this devastating illness, and fights it with her smile that warms our hearts. She is a sweet little girl who enjoys music, the company of friends, parties and pampering.

She can only communicate through her eyes, which are so expressive. Irene wants to heal, and that's why we ask you to support scientific research on Rett Syndrome. Help us heal Irene. Please give us your smiles for a cure for Irene.

What is Rett Syndrome?

Rett Syndrome is serious lifelong neurological disorder that is caused by random mutations in a gene called MECP2. Diagnosed almost exclusively in girls, symptoms typically appear in toddlerhood. Many children with Rett are unable to speak, walk or use their hands. Breathing problems, feeding tubes, seizures, anxiety, gastrointestinal and orthopedic issues are common.

Despite the debilitating nature of the disorder our girls are so much more than a laundry list of symptoms. Their beauty and their strength inspire and motivate us.

Rett Syndrome stands apart from other neurological disorders due to the dramatic reversibility of symptoms in animal models. Our confidence that Rett Syndrome is curable guides our every decision.

Learn more about Rett here.

Who is RSRT?

The Rett Syndrome Research Trust (RSRT) was launched in 2008 with a singular goal: to drive the development of treatments and cures for Rett Syndrome and related MECP2 disorders. As one of the few neurological disorders to demonstrate dramatic symptom reversal in the lab, Rett Syndrome has captured the attention of the world's premiere university and pharmaceutical industry scientists. RSRT is operating at the nexus of this activity, leading and advancing the research agenda.

By funding the most Rett research worldwide, $35 million since 2008, we strive to put ourselves out of business as soon as possible.

Learn more about RSRT here.

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