• STEP 2: SPread the word
  • Step 3: FOLLOW UP

drawing-guy-at-computerYou have to start somewhere

Maybe you already have an idea, or perhaps you need some suggestions. Either way, there’s sure to be a campaign idea that’s right for you.

Check out some of the thought-starters below, but keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to have a theme or center a campaign around a real-time event. These are just some suggestions!


Whether it’s a Run, Walk, Swim, Cycle or even Hiking a Mountain, getting active is a great way to motivate your network.


Honor a loved one who you’ve lost by supporting a good cause and paying homage at the same time.


‘Tis the season to be generous! There are many holidays throughout the year that provide great opportunities to raise funds.


Share the love by throwing a gathering to celebrate your special date with gifts in the form of donations.


Make Rett the water cooler convo at your workplace with an office shin-dig that makes a difference.

Local Businesses

Communities unite! Ask your local businesses to help by promoting or donating to your campaign.


You can Dye it, Shave it, Rock a Mohawk  or grow some Funky Facial Hair to get both laughs and donations!


Don’t let these ideas constrain your thinking. We love to hear new fundraising ideas—heck, we’ll even brainstorm with you!

rocketNailed down the campaign? Great! Now let’s figure out the rest!

It’s easy to want to jump right in, but statistics have shown that campaigns with quality content perform 4 times better than normal campaigns. Trust us, it’s worth the extra effort.

A photo is worth a thousand words (or dollars)

Good photography is easier than it sounds! Aim for quality shots that are clear and well-lit. Even if you don’t have a fancy camera, you might have a friend or relative who does. Even smartphones can take incredibly high-end photographs! Here are some easy tips:

  • Use natural lighting when possible
  • Make sure to focus
  • More is better! Take several shots and have more to choose from!

Consider Video

It’s simpler than you think (especially with smartphones) and it can go a LONG way for your campaign. It doesn’t have to be long, or even require you to get in front of the camera! Here are some tips:

  • Think up a rough 30-45 second idea
  • Script it out: even just an outline for what you want to get across. Stay focused on your message!
  • Get creative: Don’t forget to have fun with it! The more personal the better.

Make it personal

Whether your campaign is poignant or lighthearted it is a chance to tell your story. Keep it heartfelt, personal and honest and you can’t go wrong.

Goals, Timeline, Rewards and Incentives

Goals – It’s about quality, not just quantity. Don’t feel pressured to aim too high. It’s important to be realistic and stick to a fundraising goal that makes sense for your campaign and your network. Our motto is “It’s better to start small than not start at all!” Every dollar really does count, and we want you to be proud of your contributions.

Timeline – Let your campaign help dictate your timeline. Some efforts are better as ongoing events without a firm end date. But generally speaking, campaigns perform best when they run between 2 to 3 months and end in a meaningful or symbolic way.

Levels – You’ll need at least one level to collect donations. This can just simply be “Friend of Rett” and allow people to enter in their own amounts. The other option is to have several levels for different donation amounts. For instance you can have $10, $25, $50, $100 and $250. Each level can have a special title like “Rett Hero!” Or “Platinum Donor”. Ideally, if you choose to have levels, they would include “perks” or “incentives” but they don’t have to be physical or tangible items. Here are some examples:

  • Personalized thank you email from family
  • “I supported Rett Research” badge/graphic for donors
  • A digital photo of your child
  • A dedicated “Thank You” note on social media

Create A Campaign

You’re almost there!

Congratulations, you made it through the hardest part! But now is not the time to sit back and twiddle your thumbs. Campaigns perform exponentially better through active promotion. It’s time to spread the word using any and all resources available: social media, email, word-of-mouth, community centers, you name it!

Remember you have your very own web page now, www.RettGive.org/YourName!



Engage your different communities in different ways. Think of the audience when crafting your message. The best way to get attention is to combine photography with a short but powerful message. Take advantage of our downloadable assets to help you promote your campaign in style.


Don’t stop at digital

Social media and email promotion is key, but don’t underestimate the power of traditional mediums. Print posters, flyers, business cards, or postcards and ask your office or local businesses if you can display them. We are happy to help with suggestions on how to create these pieces.



Make your network work for you. Ask your relatives, friends, colleagues to help spread the word about your campaign. Imagine the exponential power of sharing your message through multiple networks!

the-zoneA few more useful tips to help you hit your goal

We’ve covered a lot of ground here so far, and it’s easy to miss things, and perhaps even overlook some more obvious stuff. Let us help you.

  • Schedule it out: Create a schedule or add reminders to your calendar that remind you when to follow up.
  • Play by the rules: Review our “Best Practices” download below for how to optimize your social media reach.
  • Keep them informed: Keep your campaign page updated weekly or whenever you hit a goal to excite your community.
  • Don’t be shy: Don’t be afraid to reach out to donors or someone you might not know as well.
  • Spread it out: Avoid sticking with one form of communication, emails are as powerful as social media!



Create A Campaign

Here comes the fun stuff!

You’re campaign is over and you hit your goal! You’ve done an amazing job and have joined RSRT in the fight to accelerate the research for treatments and a cure for Rett Syndrome. Give yourself a pat on the back!

There are just a few more things you should do to wrap things up:



•  Thank your donors personally if possible
•  Share a “Wrap Report” with supporters 
•  Make sure to honor any level incentives
•  Check in with us for final stats
•  Celebrate your achievement!


We’re here to help with all the advice and tools you need!

Below are some really useful tools to help you plan, create and promote a successful campaign. Everything you need should be here, but if there is anything else or if you have any questions we are more than happy to help in any way possible.





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