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Zuzanka to be Cured

A campaign by: Martin Soucek / $20,000 Goal
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, Czech Republic
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Zuzanka is a small smiling girl. She is able to produce quickly a smile in our faces, although she can’t talk. She seeks eye contact especially with people with glasses. When she wants something, she tries to touch it. Her most favorite objects for her are round and she loves to eat. She walks with challenges but can do it on her own. She likes walking down hill, but up only when there is observable biscuits or candies. She likes swimming, playing with balls, playing the piano, and touching pictures in books or within tablet. Zuzanka also likes tickling or warm full hugging. The more intense hug you give to Zuzanka, the more intense smile she can produce. We try to take her often on trips, as she likes nature, animals and forests.

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