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Our journey and introduction to the Rett community began on February 13, 2017, when Lily was 23 months old. On that day, when the genetic results came back, my husband, Andrew and I were consumed with thoughts of all that our sweet baby girl would miss out on in her life. As parents, even before your child takes their first breath, you make plans, you develop expectations, and foresee a lifetime of memories you will build together. On that day, our plans, expectations and dreams for the future were forever negatively impacted…or so we thought.

Fast forward 2-1/2 years later…our family can’t help but be grateful for how we have grown and the positive impacts we’ve experienced from this diagnosis. To say the Rett community is a force to be reckoned with is an understatement. These years have tested our patience, strength, and so much more. But the support, honesty, and empathy we’ve been given by the Rett community has been inspiring.  And although we have and will miss out on the “typical milestones” as parents, such as witnessing your child’s first steps, hearing the words “dada” or “mama”, and teaching Lily how to tie her shoes, we have gained so much more.

We have been in the presence of the most genuine forms of joy, witnessed miracles with our “typical Rett milestones” and have built a network that we consider an extension of our family. We will forever be humbled and grateful to God for forcing us to see the true beauty life has to offer and for making us better people inside and out.

Thank you Lily for opening our eyes and for allowing us to see the world through yours.

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