Morgan’s Birthday Wish

A campaign by: Krista Grant
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When we go to a child’s birthday traditionally guests would bring gifts to give to the birthday girl/boy. However, with Morgan we know that it can be challenging to find a toy that would be practical in her everyday lifestyle unfortunately due to the impact RETT has had on her body. So for this birthday celebration we would like to ask for a small donation that will go towards the  Rett Syndrome Research Trust (an organization where 96% of every dollar goes to research to find a cure for our daughter and all the other children out there affected by this debilitating disorder). Help grant Morgan’s 5th bday wish – raise $$ to find a cure!!!  Her sisters are dying to have Morgan play with them one day. And as Morgan’s parents we are patiently but eagerly waiting to hear her voice. Thanks for your generosity and support. We love you all!

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Amy Mangold $50.00 January 19, 2020
Jason Goodell $30.00 January 12, 2020
Meghann Johnson $50.00 January 12, 2020
THOMAS SWIFT $50.00 January 12, 2020
Robin Turner $40.00 January 12, 2020
Joyce Dickel $50.00 January 12, 2020
Sheri Whitley $25.00 January 12, 2020
Laura Whitley $25.00 January 12, 2020
Anonymous $25.00 January 12, 2020
Linda and Ron Moorehead $50.00 January 12, 2020
Amy Smith $50.00 January 11, 2020
Samantha Dickel $40.00 January 10, 2020
Ryan Grant $20.00 January 07, 2020
Ryan Grant $20.00 January 06, 2020
Mackenzie Sindorf $30.00 January 03, 2020