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As many of you know finding a cure for Rett Syndrome is something very near and dear to my heart.  11 years ago my best friend’s daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome (something I had never heard of until that day).  Today she and more than 350,000 girls and women are afflicted around the world with the unforgiving symptoms of Rett – imagine Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Anxiety Disorder, and the inability to speak all in one little girl.  Until recently, Rett was assumed incurable but that assumption is NOW OVER.

Please help me in reaching my goal of raising $350,000 towards finding a cure for all of those inspiring, courageous, and trapped little girls out there.  No donation amount or effort is too small so please SHARE and CLICK to donate so we can MAKE HISTORY TOGETHER!!
Colleen Palmer

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Jill Kristle $50.00 March 04, 2020
Stefanie Kealey $25.00 March 01, 2020
John Palmieri $200.00 February 24, 2020
Anonymous $50.00 February 24, 2020
Alison Margo $10.00 November 22, 2019
Eileen McMahon $25.00 November 22, 2019
Julie & Rebecca Rakowitz $50.00 November 22, 2019


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