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On October 22nd Ellie will turn ten! It’s crazy how it seems like yesterday we brought home that tiny, little baby, born at 29 weeks and weighing in at just three pounds. She had spent the first six weeks of her life fighting to grow and thrive in the NICU. Alone. When we met her she was just five pounds with a feeding tube and oxygen. Within a week of us being there every day to hold her and love her she was ready to come home.

She has always fought. First to live and now to live life with and hopefully soon without Rett.

The only thing we want for her birthday is for everyone we know to donate to Rett Syndrome Research Trust. Ellie doesn’t need toys since her hands don’t work to play with them. She doesn’t need clothes because she has plenty and is one of the most stylish girls around. She doesn’t need anything but to be set free from Rett. That’s it. Simple.

I’ve had people say they wish they had enough money to donate to make a difference. Five dollars makes a difference! Ten dollars! Twenty dollars! Don’t buy your Starbucks one day and donate that $5 to Ellie’s page. Don’t buy that nice bottle of wine but instead donate that $30 to Ellie to get her one step closer to the cure. I’ll buy you a bottle of wine!!!

We moved to Colorado for Ellie because first round of gene therapy trials start next year. It’s exciting and terrifying. We want to be with the right neurologist and the right hospital for any trials or drugs that can help Ellie. Gene therapy could be years out from FDA approval depending on how the first round trial goes but that’s years closer than it was. The time is now.

Rett Syndrome Research Trust is who we chose to donate to because they are the ones funding the scientists and researchers to work on the cure. They are as passionate as we are since their girls have Rett as well. Almost 100% of your donation goes directly to the Cure.

So please, PLEASE donate. Please help. Please share her page and raise awareness. Let people know Rett Syndrome has been REVERSED in mice and primates. REVERSED!!! The future is here and it’s happening but we need your help. We need your $5! Your $10! Your $100! For Ellie and all the other girls trapped in their bodies that don’t work. It’s easy to donate and it’s secure. And your donation goes directly to what we need. The CURE!

Please help! Please donate to Ellie’s Birthday Fundraiser.

One day she will tell you thank you. She will tell you thank you for fighting for her and never giving up.

One day with your help she will be set free from Rett.

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