Daphne’s 4th Birthday

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Daphne turns 4 today (June 21)—please help us achieve a wonderful birthday present to her and the Rett community and help us achieve our $5,000 goal for 2020.

In the last year, Daphne has seen a few changes that we are all so thankful for, which has come because of her age. She has been able to qualify for at home care, been able to have a feeding tube installed which has helped her so much! Seeing her get so tired when eating and then cry because she was so hungry was always painful to watch—the tube has brought her a new found level of satisfaction.

Daphne has been fortunate enough, after 8 months of applying, to have an eye gaze machine. We now are on the long road of teaching her how to use it, communicate through it and educate her. But, always having to remember she is only 3, turning 4. Kids that age and equipment like that, can be challenging. Still, the fact it’s an option, is amazing!

Progress continues in Rett research—but with help from all, we can achieve this sooner! Thank you so much for your efforts and love.

Leigh & Lacey

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