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Celebration of Elli’s Life

A campaign by: Sean Kim and Yikyung Angela Kim
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Our most beloved and precious angel, Elliana (Elli) Minha Kim gained her angel wings Sunday, November 27, 2022 in the embrace of family, at the young age of 10. Elli was born on July 20, 2012 to her loving parents Sean Kim and Yikyung Angela Kim, and is survived by her younger siblings, Madelyn Yunha Kim and William Junwon Kim.

Despite her short time on earth, Elli was deeply loved and brought immense joy to those around her. Diagnosed with MECP2 Duplication Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that prevented her from enjoying a typical childhood, Elli taught us how to appreciate life, persevere through adversities, empathize with others, and love unconditionally. Through the OneDay fundraisers, she brought so many people together and reconnected friendships, and built new ones, raising awareness for MECP2. Elli showed us that the world is full of amazing and compassionate people that were willing to selflessly serve others, from the social workers who worked tirelessly to help obtain the right benefits for Elli, the amazing teachers and therapists that treated Elli with love and care, the doctors that racked their brains to help get Elli healthy, and to the nurses that allowed us to get some rest at night.

Elli is now resting peacefully in heaven and we hope she is having fun being a typical child playing with new friends, and eating as much chocolate ice cream as she wishes. Although her time on earth was short, we hope she continues to inspire others and change people’s lives through her legacy of OneDay.

Elli, we will always love you and miss you. It has been an honor and a privilege to have been your parents.

Love appa and umma.

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