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Our sweetheart Mackenzie was born a beautiful healthy baby girl on February 16, 2016. She has been perfect since day one. However, we started to notice Mackenzie wasn’t meeting milestones (crawling and walking etc) around 9 months. It took a little over a year of genetic and neurological testing but we finally got a diagnosis. February 1st 2018 was a day we will never forget. It was the day that our amazing little girl was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. It was also a huge turning point in our lives. We decided that we were not going to just sit around asking why, and let Rett just happen to us. Instead we are going to ATTACK Rett Syndome! We will give Mackenzie the best life we can, figure out our part in all of this, and will do our best to raise awareness, and funding to find a cure! We will never give up on her, and will never give up on the fight against Rett.

Please keep Mackenzie in your prayers and consider helping us raise funding to find a cure for these silent sweethearts.

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