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Imagine one day your otherwise happy and healthy one year old appears clumsy when trying to pick up and eat the blueberries she loves to devour by the handful, the next day she is unable to get them into her mouth and the next day she can no longer pick them up. Eventually she starts to have problems chewing them at all. That is just one of the things Rett Syndrome has taken from our beautiful girl, something we all take so easily for granted because we’ve been doing it since before we can even remember, being able to feed yourself.

We didn’t know at that stage that the hand movements Jess was making were involuntary but we would soon learn what Rett Syndrome was and what it would mean for Jess. She struggles every day to make her body do what she wants it to do. She cannot speak words but her eyes say so much. Her determination and strength inspires and motivates us every day to help find the cure.

All anyone ever wishes is for their child to be happy and healthy. A cure has been proven possible in the lab and with support from people like you we can make it a reality. Please help us bring the cure for Jess out of the lab and into reality. Give her back her freedom and independence. Help us cure Jess, the thousands of others living with Rett and the little girl born every 90 minutes with this debilitating disease.

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