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With love and optimism in our hearts, we ask if you can support the Rett Syndrome Research Trust. RSRT has a singular goal—a cure for Rett, the devastating neurological disorder that afflicts our daughter Isla and 350,000 other children and adults around the world.

These past several months have been challenging for all of us. Yet many have also spoken of the silver linings of this moment. Our silver lining is witnessing all that Isla is capable of as we support her learning and therapies at home. She is working so hard every day to do simple things: reaching for a desired toy, communicating a choice of colored magic marker, sharing an emotion, taking a small step across the living room. This is why finding a cure is so important to us. When we see how much Isla is thinking, wanting, feeling inside we only want her to experience her world more fully. That promise lies only in the research funded by RSRT.

We are fortunate that RSRT, a non-profit, is ardently advancing scientific approaches such as gene therapy, gene editing, and RNA trans-splicing that, with continued progress, could make our dreams a reality. RSRT is also spurring the involvement of biotech and pharma companies that will be key to taking the next step to clinical trials. We are so optimistic that this research will change Isla’s life, but funding is needed to carry it out and make Isla’s and our dreams a reality.
Thank you so much for your support.

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