A Cure for all Princesses; A Cure for Aurora

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Altrimenti avrai conosciuto la mia principessa….

Come puoi vedere dalle foto, aurora, é una bambina molto solare e sempre sorridente.

Le piace tanto stare in compagnia, ascolta tanto la musica…. Ama ballare con noi infatti..

Una cura per me vorrebbe dire…. Svegliarmi da un brutto sogno dopo 5 anni… E finalmente poter aiutare la mia bambina, darle il diritto di crescere come tutti gli altri bambini, camminare, saltare, correre, parlare.. Tutto ciò che la mia principessa purtroppo oggi non può fare…



If you could meet my princess…

As you can see from the photos, Aurora is a very sunny and always smiling girl. She loves being in company, she listens to music a lot…

She loves to dance with us in fact…

Aurora is only five years old.  When she grows up she would like to become a princess.  Maybe one day, thanks to a cure, she will really become one.  Having a cure for her would mean finding happiness and her being able to talk, walk and play.  She cannot do any of these things now.  Her eyes are all she has to communicate; don’t let her gaze get trapped in silence.

October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month. The Rett Syndrome Research Trust has launched a campaign called Speechless. For Rett. On October 24 at 2 pm Eastern US time we are asking everyone to go silent for one hour – no speaking or whispering. This is in recognition of one of the most difficult symptoms of Rett Syndrome – the loss of speech. Please join us in going silent on October 24 for one hour.

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