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On August 3, Nicole turned 40!
40 years of Smiles, Love, and Laughter! No matter the circumstance of life, we ARE blessed! Nicole has taught SO many about patience, understanding, and unconditional love.  Through her sparkling eyes, her laughs, her up-close encounters gazing into your soul, or frustrated, angry hand-biting, we try to gauge her wants and needs, and find her happy places to help free her silence. She loves music, wheel-of-fortune, eye-to-eye talking, snuggles and most of all, HER Mom.
She has 33 diagnosed years of life with Rett Syndrome, being an observer unable to share her thoughts and feelings. We try to think of what the best material gifts, experiences, and life’s options we can give her. This year, we want to give hope! We want to see a cure for Rett Syndrome and for all those effected by the disease. We have come so far from when Nicole was first diagnosed in 1986. The possibility is in our sights and we want to use this time to come together and put and end to this silence effecting so many.
Join us in celebration of Nicole’s 40th Birthday by donating to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust!
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