2nd Annual Camilla’s RSRT Fundraiser – 2019

A campaign by: Mary Pu & Ryan May
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When our sweet angel Camilla was born, she brought so much joy and love to our family. Camilla said mama when she was 4 months of age and was able to snap her fingers at 7 months. She was able to walk and speak and had the cutest laugh that would steal everyone’s heart.
Camilla’s development took a turn after 18 months. She began her repetitive hand wringing and started to lose balance when she walked, and that’s when her pediatrician advised us to get her tested for Rett Syndrome. The diagnosis of Rett Syndrome crushed our hearts, hopes, and dreams. We watched our little girl slowly lose her ability to communicate via speech, lose basic motor functions so she could no longer play with toys like other kids, and have difficulties with chewing and breathing. There are other challenges she may face in the future such as seizures and other mobility issues, but despite all of this Camilla never ceases to amaze us every day with her strength to fight this devastating illness. She has the sweetest spirit and is such a happy and affectionate little girl.
We love every day we have with her and she continues to bring us such joy. Along with that joy we also have hope because the recent research has shown that Rett Syndrome is reversible. We used to sing a silly song to Camilla that said “C is for Camilla, no longer cookie.” Now that C is for CURE! Please join us and be a champion for Camilla (and the other girls and women) in their fight against Rett Syndrome. There is a cure out there and the money to fund the research is in the hands of those who open up their hearts and donate.
Thank you very sincerely,
Ryan, Mary and Camilla
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Karen Wilshe $100.00 June 30, 2021
john simko $250.00 December 26, 2020
Lita Miranda $50.00 December 20, 2020
Karen Wilshe $250.00 December 17, 2020
Karen Wilshe $100.00 June 24, 2020
Ryan May $100.00 January 01, 2020
Camilla's UJAM Event $8,000.00 December 27, 2019
Karen Wilshe $250.00 December 21, 2019


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